Etsy Promo Bot was created to increase sales of your store in the marketplace Etsy. To promote the primary needs the original traffic, the first visitors in your shop, the first heart and followers. The more views your products and store's home page on Etsy, the more hearts will receive your items and your store, the higher will be your products in search results.

The first step after setting up your shop on Etsy you will need to join the majority promotion Etsy Teams, where people come together to help each other to promote their shops. Our software Etsy Promo Bot developed as the script and is designed for those who do not want to spend all his time for promoting shop on Etsy.

Currently supports the following types of auto-promotion:

  • Join to the teams
  • Heart games
  • View games
  • Faving by keywords
  • UnFaving all
  • Thanks

Consider each type of automation in more detail.

Join to the teams. For the successful promotion you will need to enter into various ETSY teams. Here come to the help script "Join Teams". All you need to do is provide a program file, which lists the most popular ETSY teams to promote their stores. File containing a list of ETSY commands. You can make this file yourself, found in the NET or buy from us. After setting up the script you just need to click "Start" and the program will do everything for you!

The Heart games. When ranking in the search results ETSY, Google, Yandex and similar search engines take into account many factors of SEO, as well as the number of hearts (likes) of the items and store. And as many people who will promote their products in Promotional Teams pay attention to your products, they will drop in spending on a page for more than 15 seconds, which in turn have a positive impact on the ranking of search engines and Etsy. To set up our script will need to file with a list of references to the heart of the games, which you can make your own or buy from us. And a file with a list of links to your own products (usually up to 5 units), which will be posting in the game.

View Games. The more viewing of your store and your items, the higher they rise in the SERPs. Our Clicking-script can even take into account such nuances views games as posting short links, then search engines consider these views organic, in the language of the search robots such views would be considered natural that the beneficial impact on your sales.

Faving by keywords. You create a file with keywords, bot in series seeking listings on all keywords and faving listings.

UnFaving. If you have a lot of favorites the BOT automatically unfaving all of it.

Thanks. Peoples love your items and faving they. You can say thank their, that you will be reminded of your listings and sell a little bit items.

For those who are professionally engaged in the resale of handmade products by marketplace ETSY we specifically created the opportunity to work the script through a proxy server with authorization by IP-address. This kind of earnings banned politicians Etsy, but with the help of our tools you will not be able to compromise. 

We kindly request to purchase 30-day license first try all possibilities Etsy Promo Bot software system in trial mode. Download link is below. After downloading read carefully the file !Readme.eng.txt.

Enjoy your promotion!

Old price: 1800.00 RUB
Price: 600.00 RUB
Etsy Promo Bot v.2.26 Download
Grinar, 03.03.2017
Functions: 10 points
Graphics interface: 9 points
Help file: 8 points
Support: 10 points
Finally: 9.5 points

It is the best etsy bot ever, a lot of functional in one program. This is good for my sales.
Anna, 02.03.2017
Everything's cool, I like this bot, hearts games is super and faving other items by search keywords nice too, especially like the automatic thanks to those who hearts your listings.
Wayne, 27.02.2017
A test version is very limited in the number of simultaneous operations. Really liked the functional, I was pleasantly surprised after purchase 30-day license sales growth of 170%. Cool application.
Troy, 23.02.2017
No problems, easy to use, some difficult read me file, every other functional and interface is perfect.
Robin, 14.02.2017
I searched the whole internet for a multi-functional etsy bot that had the capabilities I needed. Only Etsy Promo Bot had all I needed. AR thanks!
Nadia, 04.02.2017
Absolutely phenomenal app. This is truly what easily increase sales. Recommend!
Julian, 31.01.2017
The Etsy Bot is extremly amazing! You can do what you want, all depends to your fantasy. Highly recommend for anyone who has low store sales.
Atilla, 24.01.2017
Very easy to use but support is always there to help if get stumbled!
Daisy, 13.01.2017
This really works for me!
German Wong, 03.01.2017
This program works very well and does everything it says it does
Chrissy, 29.12.2016
Good bot! Advice!
Jesica, 17.12.2016
After 10 days use no problem, but at first I had questions, readme file should be more friendly, may be pdf? I got quick support by mail. I receive 29 sales only 10 days work, It really helps!
BobCrews, 02.12.2016
Advance Robotek, your program is nice for me. It's the best ETSY bot I tried ;)
Menison, 28.11.2016
okay. i increased sales, my store say thank you!
Carisa86, 14.11.2016
Tested, no problem.
azazello, 01.11.2016
Very useful, good bot!
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